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Helping non-accredited investors create the capital necessary to participate in syndicated real estate investment opportunities

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The biggest challenge for most investors is coming up with the minimum investment required by hedge funds and syndicated real estate funds.

If you’ve identified an investment opportunity, but are short on the necessary capital to get involved, then Investor Genesis should be the next contact you make.

What we are able to achieve you will not find anywhere else. Even if someone wanted to try and replicate what we do, they would lack the resources, track record, and financial IQ to execute it with the precision required for it to be successful.

Although we've had years of success using our system to help our clients qualify to become active investors, the full-service nature of what we do limits the number of people we can actually help at a given time.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you schedule a call today while we are currently open to taking on new clients.

There is NO FEE for the call, and even if we mutually agree to establish a business relationship there are NO RETAINERS and NO UPFRONT COSTS.

Whether you just want to learn more or need us to help you right away, please complete the short questionnaire on this page and will be in touch to arrange a time for you to speak to one of our senior advisors.

We look forward to speaking with you soon, and helping you achieve your investment objectives.

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